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We had invited representatives from 5 Boroughs to update us on local mental health services.

Mike, Elaine and Julie described recent changes across the Trust, and emphasised that these should make no difference to our access to local services.

Julie described all the activities that are now on offer on the wards, including art therapies, cooking, mindfulness, relaxation, pet therapy, music, and reading. The gym is also available with staff support. Carers were pleased to hear about all this activity.

The Section 136 suite (which is used when people are brought for assessment by the police) is based at Whiston Hospital and there is no intention to move it back to St Helens.

The project where the mental health teams work alongside the police team to support people, has resulted in a significant reduction in use of Section 136 and has been extended for another year. Carers said they would like to hear more about this project at a future meeting.

The Trust Board have recently discussed the Mazars report. Mike described the very positive work the Trust has done to ensure reports of serious and untoward incidents. Although some carers had specific concerns which Elaine will follow up.

There is a Triangle of Care noticeboard on the wards and carers are involved in discharge planning and reviews. Staff now have more informal contact with families on the wards. There are plans to support community teams, with an additional carers meeting. Members of our group will support this new group.

There is a mental health awareness day on Tuesday 17th May at Harry Blackman House – 11-1pm. Members of our group hope to attend.


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June 1st

Karen met with Julie Clarke, Business Manager, St Helens Adults services for an update on our carers priorities for 2011. (Crisis – Respite – Medication – Discharge and readmission)

Julie emphasized that the current redesign of the 5 Boroughs pathway would address crisis, respite and discharge for people who are using services. But we shared our worries that carers might get overlooked in the design stage. Hopefully we have all learnt from the experience of Change for the Better. Everyone does understand the importance of involving, supporting and including carers. Julie is going to take carers’ needs to the next Business Managers’ meeting so that they are included right from the  start.

There will be a consultation on the new model – Julie will request that this takes place in our July meetings rather than leaving it until after the summer. 

Julie took away a copy of our DVD of carers’ experiences to see if this could help with local staff training on carers.

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