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SCIE have launched a new briefing highlighting the implications of personalised care for carers. The briefing is published by SCIE in conjunction with Carers UK; it is the latest in a series of short, “At a glance” briefings about personalisation.

Their key messages are:

Personalisation for carers means:

  • tailoring support to people’s individual needs and being part of the discussion about support for yourself and support for the person you are looking after
  • not having to take on all the responsibility and all the managing of care and support – the local authority should ensure that you are sufficiently supported
  • recognising and supporting carers in their role, while enabling them to maintain a life beyond their caring responsibilities – you should have your own needs assessed and have choices about your own support
  • ensuring that people have access to information and advice to make good decisions about their care and support
  • ensuring all citizens have access to universal community services and resources such as health, transport and leisure
  • making services more flexible so you can agree outcomes and find solutions that are right for your situation
  • if needs change over time, personalisation should enable you and the person you are looking after to change the way you are supported.

There are plenty of examples in the briefing – though none that sound specifically about mental ill health.

The briefing is available on SCIE’s website.


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Did you know that:

All individuals who provide regular and substantial care for a person on CPA should:

  •  have an assessment of their caring, physical and mental health needs, repeated on at least an annual basis
  • have their own written care plan which is given to them and implemented in discussion with them. (more…)

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The following are the notes from our meeting in November 2008. 

Collette Walsh, the project manager from NHS Halton & St Helens, came to speak to us about a new project to develop a single point of access (SPA) to mental health services. (more…)

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Welcome to the new blog for St Helens Mental Health Carers. I’m hoping this will be easier to update than the old site. Times have certainly changed since we started it 5 years ago. 

Five years ago:

  • there was one family support worker
  • the family support worker didn’t go onto the wards at all
  • the Carers Centre had just opened with 3 support workers
  • most of us hadn’t heard of carers assessments
  • at the top of our wish list was the closure of the Sherdley Unit – we never thought that would ever happen!


  • there are  three family support workers
  • the family support workers go onto the wards regularly and now hold monthly group sessions
  • I’ve lost count of how many people work at the Carers Centre now (sorry!) and there are all sorts of projects including the Income Maximisation worker
  • most of us have been offered an assessment
  • St Helens services are now provided in the state of the art St Helens Hope & Recovery Centre

Plus of course now more and more people recognise that a carer is an unpaid family member or friend who supports someone else because of frailty, illness or disability.

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