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SCIE have launched a new briefing highlighting the implications of personalised care for carers. The briefing is published by SCIE in conjunction with Carers UK; it is the latest in a series of short, “At a glance” briefings about personalisation.

Their key messages are:

Personalisation for carers means:

  • tailoring support to people’s individual needs and being part of the discussion about support for yourself and support for the person you are looking after
  • not having to take on all the responsibility and all the managing of care and support – the local authority should ensure that you are sufficiently supported
  • recognising and supporting carers in their role, while enabling them to maintain a life beyond their caring responsibilities – you should have your own needs assessed and have choices about your own support
  • ensuring that people have access to information and advice to make good decisions about their care and support
  • ensuring all citizens have access to universal community services and resources such as health, transport and leisure
  • making services more flexible so you can agree outcomes and find solutions that are right for your situation
  • if needs change over time, personalisation should enable you and the person you are looking after to change the way you are supported.

There are plenty of examples in the briefing – though none that sound specifically about mental ill health.

The briefing is available on SCIE’s website.

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Caring with Confidence is a free programme which aims to improve carers’ lives and the lives of the people they support.

Many carers have been very cynical about it. When carers already have busy lives, and are already coping with a lot, why should they be expected to learn more? What good can it do?

But having seen one group go through the whole course, I can definitely say that its worth making time to attend the sessions. Its always good to speak to others in a similar position. It makes you feel less alone and that you’re not the only one wondering if you’re doing it right.

The group sessions are built around learning from each other. Everyone learnt something, but also everyone taught each other something.

And they were fun and a chance to have a laugh! (more…)

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Carers UK’s Advice and Information Manager, Jean French, will answer questions on carers benefits on Radio 4 Money Box Live 3pm today

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Discrimination against carers to be outlawed in forthcoming Bill

The Government has today announced that it intends to ban discrimination against carers by protecting people who are ‘associated with’ someone who is disabled. (more…)

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